Bene. Now I can get back up if I fall.

you are so cute like that is so genuinely cute that you tuck your dog in and not silly at all oh no

<333 aaahhh stawp 

tucking the doge in serves three functions: 
1. it keeps her from biting at her bandages
2. it makes her really warm and comfortable so she falls asleep almost instantly, so i can go and write without interruption =)
3. she deserves tucking in because she’s a beautiful perfect princess who never does anything wrong, except for taking cookies DIRECTLY FROM THE HANDS OF SMALL CHILDREN but other than that. absolutely nothing. ever. definitely not.

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Sorry if I don’t reply to things right away tonight, guys. <3 I’m just so tired and I want to write. 

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Okay, so:

  • shelter dogs have been walked
  • my dog has been patched up
  • and also tucked into bed (yes, she gets tucked in, don’t even start with me)
  • extra gauze has been purchased
  • extended family members have left the house
  • and I have eaten something mildly nutritious

so now I must write this Yorkalina scene for GS, because if I do not write it immediately I might lose my mind.

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eponymous-rose said: Oh no! I’m glad she’s doing okay, though.

Yeah, she stole a cookie directly from a child’s hand, I think she’s fine. As I told completelysane a little while ago, she didn’t seem to care much. I’m the one with the stress and the blood all over my shoes. Ohhh well.

thought- said: Oh no I hope she’s ok!!!

eponymous-rose said: oh noooo D: *hugs*

simmonsized said: oh sweet puppy no :c i’m sorry, bee!!!

Thank you all!! She seems to be fine now. She scraped her back legs when she flung herself from the deck stairs (at least that is my best guess). She’s got that thin greyhound skin, so it doesn’t take much to cause a horrible bloody mess. Might take her to the vet tomorrow if it doesn’t look better but probably I will just have to bandage it for a while (which I am good at, now, but also i hate it so much oh my god).

She also managed to steal cake, cookies, egg cheese, sausage, vegetables, and more!!! all while leashed and supervised. So, uh. That’s great.

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Patient on bed rest =/

Patient on bed rest =/

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Yes this is the perfect time for my dog to scrape up her legs and bleed all over the place, yes please let this happen when there are family members and children all over my house. This is absolutely the most ideal scenario

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"I’ve got your back, Carolina."


Losing is not your thing
You can’t hold the title
But you still don’t see that you’re
Sore winner, a sore winner


I just wanted a gifset of all three… (x,x,x)


nayx: Why am I awake who summoned me


violentbaudelaire: Baby squirrel fell out of a tree; was rescued


violentbaudelaire: Baby squirrel fell out of a tree; was rescued